MY HIGHLIGHT to my career was endorsing this partnership with DST! This was such a random yet so powerful networking. I was doing a talk at the Global Change Conference in Durban and Dr Phil Mjwara (LEGEND!) – the Director General of DST was sitting in the audience, he had spoken just before me. I was SO nervous! I had just won the Mail and Guardian Young 200 South Africans in education for BWIS so I was asked to speak for youth in research. I was like wow. After my talk on how we should include more women in science. I then had a brief conversation with Dr Phil on how I would like to pitch my organisation , BWIS to him. He did not hesitate! Next thing, boom, im pitching to the department. He then said this organisation is needed and we will discuss further. Rest is history! LESSON – leaders like Dr Phil have a mindset already willing to change youth and develop young ideas. I was a KID (basically) when I pitched. Right after my Masters degree. I had a vision and had worked on it. Preparation, timing, opportunity and GRACE aligned. Today they are our main funders . It took over a year to finalize this partnership and I would like to thank the DST team – Mr Hadebe and Miss Bessie.THANK you. Most importantly to my leader DR Phil. thank you for just making it a little bit easier to changing lives through believing in me and Black Women in Science.
The Department of Science and Technology – main funders and developer of Black Women in Science – crazy!